Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This post is not about burning Injuns in Australia. It's about the show. I’m almost finished watching Oz. I think I will shelve this among the shows I can watch once but probably not twice. So before I forget about the show and end up watching it all over again because I forgot I watched it already, here is Oz- Oru Pinnoki Payanam.

The Orange Prize- It seemed to me that everyone in Oz is always eating oranges. Adebisi liked to bite them like apples while Schillinger seemed to enjoy neatly peeling them, popping a piece into his mouth and chewing thoughtfully. There just seemed to be a lot of oranges in Oz.

Best Scene EverEverEver- Beecher and Schillinger singing The Last Duet . They both sing really well together and it’s a great song and it’s so very appropriate. If I remember Oz for anything, it will be for this song. Also Father Mukada’s cover of Leather by Tori Amos is awesome.

Fully Monty Award- Just like Queer as Folk showed us that all gay men are really haut when they are naked, Oz showed us that men in maximum-security prisons in America are well-muscled, mostly hairless, have great skin and for the most part, are reasonably well-endowed. Men who were not haut kept their shirts and pants on. Yay Oz!!

Magic Scar Award- To Miguel Alvarez, whose scar on his cheek was sometimes a thin line and sometimes a thick line and sometimes not there at all. He would qualify for all-round hottie if he hadn’t done that shit-smearing thing when he was in solitary. EEEEWWWW!!!

Awesome Hottie Award- Agamemnon Busmalis, particularly because during one season, you could see him speed walking in the background of a lot of scenes. Epic lulz.

Oh Wtf Sigh Award- The Chinese immigrants storyline. Just so oh wtf sigh.

Imprint Torture Scene Award- When Robson gets raped with a spoon.

Adebisi’s Hat Award- Goes to the Mayor from The Powerpuff Girls

Hey Look, It's Pepa! Award- Goes to Pepa from Salt n' Pepa who didn't really do much on the show but still made me go Hey Look, It's Pepa!



Anonymous said...

Though I don't think I will ever watch an episode of Oz, I was fascinated by the sheer vastness of your Pinnoki Payanam. In the words of Rathi Meena Bus Service, I am Honoured by your Journey.

kuzhali manickavel said...

and i am similarly honoured by your journey.

Rashmi said...

What is OZ?

kuzhali manickavel said...

oz was an HBO series that ran in the late nineties i think. it ended in a way that was boring and bizarre and involved Macbeth and possibly anthrax at the same time. i'm not sure i would recommend it unless you want to see Christopher Meloni nudies.

Scherezade said...

Ohbut chris meloni makes one believe in a better world. He was a brick layer(or something) before he got around to chasing perverts on the streets of New York.
Tralalala. Everything is possible.

kuzhali manickavel said...

i thought brick layers only existed in india and victorian england. just goes to show that everything IS possible and christopher meloni is living proof of that. also i liked your post on text messages, very awesome :)

Scherezade said...

Jezus Chryst! (Or Thanku)

kuzhali manickavel said...

Bats! Bats everywhere!!

Scherezade said...

Heh. He inherited his grams house and about 3 dozen upside down inhabitants with it.


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