Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i am taking leave yougaiz

back in december, please convey my pranams to all at home, just enjoy life and be rocking


Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Kuzhali,

We will miss you much. We will await your coming back in the return at the earliest convenience two months from now. Until them we will be stoic and composed.

Ok baay

Sachita said...

Why oh why but why?????????
Adhar Pranam,

Anonymous said...

nooooooooooooooooooooo why why why you do this why: so loyally we are waiting and waiting, and then just one big slap we get...sadfeel in my heart. but you know, happy holidays and such :)

Sara Crowley said...

I hope the leave taking is for entirely splendid reasons and full of marshamallowy unicorny hearty rainbowy lovely nessess.

Sara Crowley said...

Also, when I left this tab open it said "Kuzhali Manic..." which can be your punk alter ego.

longblackveil said...

Hwhat? Hwhy???!! How can... I mean... I don't even. *takes blade from 'For Use on Wrists' drawer*an... I mean... I don't even. *takes blade from 'For Use on Wrists' drawer*

kuzhali manickavel said...

@ anonymous- dear mrs. anonymous, i will also miss you much and look forward to coming back in the return okbai

@ sachita- wottodo min but to quote aulde perfume bottle, je reviens. or something. please be rocking and enjoy the life

@anonymous2- please dont feel the sadfeel :( please be full happy in your heart and always be rocking and enjoy life

@ sara crowley- ohai my friend!!11 i hope my leavetaking will be full of those things also. how it is? it is fine? it is better to ask you these questions in email? i think so yes

@longblackveil- please do not do such things because i feel it is much against our culture to engage with blades and drawers in this manner. i look forward to seeing you again once more again when i come back in the return jai hind

Delux said...

I will fade away until i am almost completely white with grief at your absence.

Madhuri Maram/iruhdam said...

but why? :|
I hurted.

kuzhali manickavel said...

@Delux- ohai! dont afraid, i come back in the return and you will be desky beauty once again

@Madhuri Maram/iruhdam - aw, dont hurted, i see you in december, no? yes.

Anonymous said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. crying rivers endlessly while crooning sad tunes in air supply manner.

kuzhali manickavel said...

aw :( i am sad that you are crying rivers endlessly but sadder still that you have been moved to sing in an air supply manner. i kindly request you to be happy in the heart and love life and just be rocking.

Anonymous said...

Timing is everything.

In a matter of one week, I stumbled across you blog and received a nomination for prestigious-sounding (but really just a chain mail ) award for versatile blogger. I am passing on the nomination to you(

But it appears that you are 'taking leave'. Darn!
Timing is everything

kuzhali manickavel said...

oh how nice, thank you :) i wish i was not on leave so i could do this properly but oh whale. thanksya

Aneela Z said...

Dear K,
First I was afraid / I was petrified / Kept thinking I could never live / without this blog by my side...

But guess what?
My toddler accompanied me to the library the other day.
And he brought home a copy of *wait for it* TUCKET THE BUCKET.
Oh yes! even two and a half year olds have excellent taste.

He loves it. The first couple of times he didnt like the idea of a rose in the bucket turned flower pot *him belonging to the you cannot 'transcend' from your caste, a bucket should just be a bucket* but since then has quite reconciled to the idea, and the book has already been reissued a couple of times.

so yes, we will survive until the next post.
Thankyou for your words.

kuzhali manickavel said...

YAY!!111 superthrilled he likes tucket and was able to overcome bucket/flower pot casteismfeelings. Thank you for telling me also, I appreciate very much :)

Kroswami said...

I say. This is most unfair. Like a fair and lovely bottle seen in the mirror.

Also, I read "Insects". You are one of the mostEST brilliant writers I have had the good fortune to read.

Err...I really mean it about the brilliant part.

kuzhali manickavel said...

aw thanks, fullblushing and appreciation happening for your kind words. Thanks very much for reading :)

longblackveil said...

All I'm saying is, it's almost December. When you said December, you meant December the 1st, yes? Good. This was, as they like to say in quotes, a 'gentle reminder'. Appear soon. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wrote you a pome:
My niecelet loved tucket and the boo in the shoe
I think she'd like to be friends with you
She's promised you candy and a trip to the zoo
Would you like to be friends with her too?

Hope you'll be back soon... doesn't feel the same when you're not here :( (emo happened)

kuzhali manickavel said...

@longblackveil- ohaimaifraand! I hope to come back in the return on Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Please come and say hai to my face when I come back in the return.

@ anonymous- aw, I appreciate your pome very much and would be honored to share fraandships with the niecelet. Also please don’t be emo, I hope to come back in the return on Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. You please come and say hai also.


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